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X-Tractor®Mini 120/1/60

X-Tractor®Mini 120/1/60

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X-Tractor®Mini portable welding fume extractor is a high vacuum system for the removal and filtration of welding fumes from light duty welding applications.

Features & Benefits


The X-Tractor® Mini is a light weight; high vacuum portable fume extraction system designed to filter particulate and remove welding fumes. Intended for light duty welding applications; the quiet operation and portability of the Miniflex make this system an ideal solution for confined and hard to reach spaces.

  • Create a safer work environment for welders/shop employees
  • Effectively remove weld fume particulate with large surface area coverage and 99.7% filter unit efficiency
  • Light weight; durable construction and portable design
  • Compact size for use anywhere you go
  • Weight
    40lbs. (18.144kg)
    Processes Stick (Light Duty), TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored (Light Duty)
    Input Power 120/1/60
    Input Current 12.0A
    Sound Level 80 dBA
    Airflow CFM Low 95 / High 108
    Power Rating HP 2.4 (1.2 / Motor)
    Filter Surface Area ft2(m2) 118 (11)
    Dimensions H x W x L 29 in x 15.6 in x 16.8 in (736 mm x 396 mm x 427 mm)

    • Extraction Hose with adapter - 8 ft. (2.4 mm) length; 1-3/4 in. (45 mm) I.D.
    • LongLife-H™main filter
    • HEPA filter
    • Carbon Brushes (set of 2) and seals for motor
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